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Friday, April 1, 2011

Suggested Song Line-Up for April 1, 2011


First Reading: 

1 Samuel 16: 1, 6-7, 10-13 

Responsorial Psalm: 23: The Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing I shall want.  

                                     Magbalantay Kanako ang Ginoo, Wala nay magmakulang pa kanako
                                     Pastol ko'y Panginoong Dios, hindi ako magdarahop

Second Reading: 

Ephesians 5:8-14 
You were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light. Therefore awake, and Christ will give you light. 


John 9:1-41 is about Jesus and the man born blind. 
1. Jesus saw him, spat on the ground and made clay with the saliva, and put it in his eyes.
2. Jesus instructs him to go wash his eyes.
3. The blind man does as instructed and is healed.
4. The formerly blind man’s neighbors, and the Pharisees make a big fuzz about such, and dahel naasar sila, ipinatapon ang healed man.
5. When Jesus heard that they had thrown him out, Jesus looked for him, found him and asked if he believed in the Son of Man.
6. The healed man said yes, and asked where can I find Him.
7. Jesus said, “You have seen Him, and the One speaking with you is He."
8. The healed man said, “I do believe, Lord,” and worshipped Jesus.

Important Concepts/Ideas/Themes
1. Sight
2. Signs
3. “I do believe”
4. chosenness
5. Not as man sees does God see, because man sees the appearance, but the Lord looks into the heart.
6. anointing
7. the Good Shepherd
8. Light; children of light
9. Awake/Arise
10. Laetere Sunday (rejoicing)

Suggested Song Lineup



1. Tun-i Kami, Ginoo
2. Ginoo Ikaw Ra Gayud

1. Ihalad ko, O Jesus
2.Diyutay Lang Kini

1. Buta (nindot ni siya kay haom siya sa ebanghelyo labina sa 1st paragraph ug chorus)
2. Kini Mao Akong Lawas

1. Kinsa? ( wa kaayo ko lain nga mapilian nga haum gawas ani naay uban pwede pero di kaayo ko ganahan)


1. Buksan ang aming puso (Tinio & Hontiveros)
2. Alay Kapwa (Tinio & Hontiveros)
3. Pagmamahal sa Panginoon (Hontiveros)

During Lent, walang Gloria. Wala rin alleluia. Ang meron verse before the Gospel.

1. Mula sa ‘Yo (Francisco) 
2. Kung ‘Yong nanaisin (Francisco)
3. Unang Alay (Magnaye) as previously revised 

Ever heard of MOVE UP?

It is an acronym for Message is One; Voice is One, and Effectivity Goes Up. In your choice of songs, strive to choose songs that when put together express one message, and repeating the same idea gets the message across to the congregation assembled. The message will more probably be remembered.

Consider: LENT is the season most especially for: 
a. increased PRAYER
b. increased PENITENCE
c. increased ALMSGIVING
d. increased SACRIFICE

Consider changing "Ngayo'y nanalig, nagmamahal sa 'Yo" to "Ngayo'y nag-aalay ng ayuno sa 'Yo."

If your choir sings the KODA, you deliver one very strong message when you sing "Ngayo'y naglilimos (nagsisisi), nagtitika (nagdarasal), nag-aalay (ng ayuno) sa 'Yo."

1. Ang Panginoon ang aking pastol (Isidro & Ramirez) 
2. Ang Mabuting Pastol (Hontiveros)
3. Awit ng Paghilom (Aquino) 
4. Kaibigan 
5. Likhain Mong muli (Alejo & Francisco) nindot kaayo ni siya nga kanta pero di sya feel sa amo trainor para praktisan namo
6. Liwanag ng aming puso (Tagle & Hontiveros)
7. Liwanagan Mo Jesus (Aquino)
8. Maging akin muli (Aquino) kani sab siya tsada ug haum kaayo sa tibuok kwaresma. amo tana ning praktisan but walay time amo trainor motudlo ug siguro di siya ganahan sa kanta
9. Manalig ka (Perez)
10. Manatili ka (Francisco) 

1. Alay sa Kapwa (Esteban & Hontiveros)
2. E3 if not used as entrance song


1. Save us, O Lord (Dufford)
2. City of God (Schutte)
3. I Rejoiced (Foley) Best choice. Just the right tone for rejoicing mixed with penitence.
4. Way of the Cross (Francisco) Sing:
Refrain, then
Stanza 9 “Christ, Son of David, stripped of His glory, He leads the way of the cross.” then
Refrain, then
Stanza 10 “Christ, Good Shepherd, on the cross crucified, He leads the way of the cross.” then

During Lent, walang Gloria/Papuri. Wala ding Alleluia. Ang meron is verse before the Gospel.

Offertory: Prayer of Rupert Meyer (Francisco)

1. Anima Christi (Arboleda)
2. Here I am Lord (Schutte) 
3. Now we remain (Haas)
4. Theme from the Cardinal 
5. Valleys of Green (Schutte) 

1. Taste and See (Agatep). Don’t forget to replace Stanza 1’s “My soul glories in Yahweh” and “Proclaim the greatness of Yahwheh” to “My soul glories in my Lord” and “Proclaim the greatness of my Lord.”
2. Lo, how a rose e'er blooming. Sing Stanzas 1 & 3.

I know; i know many perceive this is a Christmas song. Actually, only stanza 2 is a Christmas song. But I've always considered this as the song for the 4th Sunday of Lent. 


1. Laetere Sunday is Rose Sunday. Priests have the option to wear rose na stola rather than purple.
2. Popes traditionally give to Catholic sovereigns the gold rose.
3. Jesse's lineage in Stanza 1 is swak sa 1R.
4. Stanza 3's darkness and light is swak sa 2R.
5. Stanza 3's true man yet very God; from sin and death He saves us can be interpreted to be the song of the man born blind in G.

Kung may kokontra senyo, uhh, bahala cla hehehe. Some songs are simply better chopped. 

For example, Let heaven rejoice by Dufford.

Stanzas 1 & 2 can be used from late November (kapag ang Gospels are about eschatology) well into the early part of Advent.
Stanza 3 is most appropriate for Easter season.
Stanza 4 is best for Ordinary Time and Easter season.
Stanza 5 is good for Epiphany of the Lord (Three Kings) and Christmas season.
Stanza 6 is good for Christmas midnight, day, and season.

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