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Friday, June 10, 2011

Suggested Mass Line-up for June 12, 2011

June 12, 2011 Suggested Mass Line-up (JR Medina and BR Gangca)
Pentecost Sunday 
Liturgical color: Red

This is celebrated 50 days after Easter Sunday. In your choice of songs, it’s recommended to mix languages, that is to say, intersperse the songs in languages that the congregation is more or less familiar with. For instance, why don’t you sing some part of the song in Latin, some in English, some in Filipino, some in your provincial dialect if you have one. This is more reflective of how the apostles were able to speak in various tongues to their hearers after the Pentecost. 

"...began to speak other languages, as the Spirit enabled them to speak...each heard them speaking in his own language..." 

This is probably why the trite Come Holy Spirit has a Halina Espiritu Santo in it hehehe. 

The first option is thus multiple languages in one song, at least in the processional songs, because there is more room as such are longer. I don't know if it will be as easily done in the non-processional songs, as these are naturally much shorter. A second option could be that of using different languages for many songs. well at least sa mga processional. That is to say, for example, a Latin entrance song, an English offertory song, a Filipino communion song, and the recessional song in your provincial dialect if you got one.


1R: Luke, the acknowledged author of Acts, in 2:1-11 writes about the descent of the Holy Spirit.

RP: 104 Lord, send out Your Spirit, and renew the face of the earth. 

2R: 1 Corinthians 12:3-13 is about us being gifted; each one is unique and special to do great things for the glory of God. We each have different gifts. 

G: John 20:19-23 is about Jesus appearing to the apostles after His Resurrection. The consequential lines are: 

1. Peace be with you. 
2. As the Father has sent Me, so I send you. 
3. Receive the Holy Spirit.
4. Those whose sins you forgive are forgiven. Those whose sins you retain are retained. 

Please consider also that this day is our country’s independence day. Don’t forget to sing songs that are makabayan too.

If you serve in a 6 AM, 12 NN or 6 PM mass when there would be Angelus/Regina Coeli before or after the Mass, try to work out an arrangement with the commentators and/or lectors and the choirs: Will the Regina Coeli be said or sung? If it will be sung, then sing for 

English: Hangad’s Queen of Heaven, Rejoice 

Filipino: Reyna ng Langit: BP in Tinapay ng Buhay Album.


Para sa natatanging Linggong ito, I think it’s better not to separate the songs into two language sets as I normally do.

Entrance: Dami ng options:

Kon Magkatigum Ta – swak sa unang pagbasa ug ebanghelyo sa dihang nagkatigom
ang mga tinun-an ni Hesus
Paglipay ug Pagmaya
Bayan, magsiawit na (Aquino) Stanza 3 ang priority
Bayan, umawit (Borres, Baltazar & Francisco)
Pag-aalaala (Francisco)
Pagbubunyi (Borres & Francisco)
Sa Hapag ng Panginoon (Morano & Francisco)
Send us Your Spirit (Haas)
Come Holy Spirit
Veni Creator Spiritus
Send Your Spirit (Hangad)
Pagbabasbas (Javellana, Arboleda & Francisco) "Pumanaog ka" is so Descent.

Sequence in lieu of Alleluia: 

Veni Sancte Spritus
Liwanag ng aming Puso (Tagle & Hontiveros)
Alleluya, Himoa Kami nga Dalan - then when you repeat it again pwede
tagalogon na ninyo siya as we celebrate Pentecostes
sa pagkunsad sa espiritu santo
nagkadaiyang pinulungan naman ilang malitok.


Mugna sa Dios (Himaya Kanimo)
Isang Pagkain, 1 Katawan, 1 Bayan (San Pedro)
Daygon Ikaw, Ginoong Dios (Himaya Kanimo)
One Bread, One Body (Foley) swak sa 2R
Take our Bread (Wise) Stanza 2 ang priority.

Communion: Dami pwede pagpilian.

Way Sukod ang Pagmahal (Himaya Kanimo)
Kini Maong Akong Lawas (Himaya Kanimo)
Ako ang Kahayag (Himaya Kanimo)
Kapayapaan (Aquino)
Likhain Mong Muli (Alejo & Francisco) Stanza 2 ang priority
Liwanagan Mo, Hesus (Aquino)
Breath of God (Hatch & Francisco)
The Presence of Jesus (Haas) Stanza 5 ang priority
Spirit of God (Haugen)
Spirit of God (Winter)
Prayer of St. Francis (Temple) “Make me a channel of your PEACE”
Prayer for Peace (Haas)
One little candle
 Here I am, Lord (Schutte)
 E10 if not used as entrance song.


Ang Kaakuhan – as the disciples accepts the obligation to spread his word
Ang Atong Tulubagon
E1 if not used as entrance song
Humayo’t Ihayag(Francisco, Catalan & Go)
O Bayan ng Diyos (Aquino)
E3 if not used as entrance song
Pilgrim’s Theme (Go & Francisco)
We are Yours
Live by the Spirit
Recessional Hymn
I will sing (Francisco). For this occasion of Pentecost, I recommend singing the, uhh, African-chant-sounding, uhh, syllables, mga ungols, at the introit, something I've never understood, as these are so much like "speaking in tongues." Thus, there's a good chance that people in the congregation will associate it with the HS and think you guys are so inebriated with the HS that the choir is speaking in tongues.

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