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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dec 20 PM & Dec 21 AM (Day 6 of Simbang Gabi)

Dec 20 PM & Dec 21 AM (Day 6 of Simbang Gabi)
By: JR Medina and Brian Gangca

1R: The author of the Song of Songs describes how a young woman is so delighted when a handsome stag visits her by her room’s window. This is actually a double analogy. The joy of the young woman for the stag’s visit is the joy of Mankind when God is there. The joy of the young woman for the stag’s visit is also the joy of Elizabeth for Mary’s visit. 

G: the familiar Visitation. Mary visits her kinswoman Elizabeth whom the angel Gabriel had previously told her to be with child at a super advanced age. This is the dialogue between the two women. 

Important Ideas: 

1. The visitation. Joy because of the privilege, the honor of being visited by the Mother of the Lord, and being so near the Lord Himself.
2. Awe at God’s wonderful deeds, for He chooses the lowly. 
3. God’s plan of salvation
4. Joy because of we are saved. 

  1. Umanhi Ka, Ayaw Paglangan
  2. Adlaw’g Gabii

  1. Dawata Kining Kamot Ko
  2. Gasa sa Gugma

  1. Sa Atong Pagpuyo ( F7)
  2. Umanhi Ka Mesiyas
  3. Bilihong Gasa

  1. Andama ang Dalan
  2. Tan-awa ang Imong Katawhan
  3. Umanhi Ka Mesiyas (if not used in Communion)


E: Friendly Options:

1. Awit ng Pasasalamat (Eddie Hontiveros SJ) 
2. Bayan Magsiawit na! (Arnel Aquino SJ) (“...Bagyan, pinagpala ka! Dakilang biyayang pangako Niya, sisilay na!”...) rather than sumilay na.
3. Halina’t Umawit (Albert Flores & Marius Villaroman)
4. Purihi’t Pasalamatan (Simplicio Esteban & Eddie Hontiveros SJ)
5. Sumigaw sa Galak (Nemy Que SJ)
6. Ang Puso Ko’y Nagpupuri

Mayroong Papuri. Mayroong Aleluya.

P of the G: May I suggest any of the ff:

1. Ang Tanging Alay Ko. “Aking hinihintay ang ‘Yong pagdarating, Jesus” rather than “pagbabalik, Jesus.” 
2. Unang Alay (Rey Magnaye): Suggest ko sing instead, “Ngayo’y umaasa, naghihintay sa ‘Yo.” Now if your choir sings the Koda, you deliver one solid message if you sing: “Ngayo’y nananalig (umaawit), dumudulog (sumasamba), umaasa (naghihintay) sa ‘Yo.”
3. Panginoon, Narito Ako (Danny Isidro SJ & Nemy Que SJ) in the Best of Himig Heswita
4. Tanging Yaman (Philip Gan & Manoling Francisco SJ in the Best of Bukas Palad (vol 1) 

1. Bawat Sandali (Gan & Francisco)
2. Ang Pagdalaw (Fruto Ramirez SJ)

R: Consider:
1. Aba Ginoong Maria 
2. Ave Maria
3. Pananagutan (Eddie Hontiveros SJ in Purihi’t Pasalamatan album)
But prioritize Stanza 2 “Sa ating pagmamahalan at paglilingkod sa kanino man. Tayo ay nagdadala ng balita ng kaligtasan.”
This is exactly what Mary did: her virtue of helpfulness/service to her kinswoman Elizabeth also caused the second good deed of bringing forth to the latter the Good News, JC Himself.
4. If Bayan Magsiawit na is not used as entrance song, pwede siyang recessional song. 
5. If Sumigaw sa Galak is not used as entrance song, pwede siyang recessional song.


E: Friendly Options: 
1. O come, Divine Messiah 
2. I Rejoiced (John Foley SJ)
3. Let Heaven Rejoice (Bob Dufford SJ) Stanzas 1 & 2 only
4. My Heart’s Thanksgiving (Arnel Aquino SJ in O Bayan ng Diyos!) “What am that You should love me” is parallel to Elizabeth’s “Who am I that I should merit a visit from the Mother of my Lord?”
5. Sing to the Mountains (Bob Dufford SJ) 
6. Magnificat (Te Deum)

Gloria is sung. Alleluia is sung. 

P of the G: Picks

1. Dwelling Place (John Foley SJ) “May Christ find a dwelling place of faith in our hearts.”
2. Earthen Vessels. Prioritize Stanza 2. “He has chosen the lowly who are small in this world” is a natural parallel to Elizabeth’s humility.
3. How shall I sing to God (David Haas in Your Dwelling Place). This could be interpreted to have been Elizabeth's song, as Elizabeth has just been "filled with gladness." Stanzas 2 & 3 would be the application to us mankind.

C: Pwedeng pagpilian:

1. How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place, O Lord (Arnel Aquino SJ)
2. On Eagle’s Wings (Michael Joncas)
3. Without Seeing You (David Haas)
All three songs could easily have been sung by Elizabeth, and it would fit her situation, as according to the Gospel.
4. You are mine. The song could easily have been sung by God to Elizabeth.

R: Picks:
1. Hail Mary 
2. Ave Maria (Fruto Ramirez SJ)
3. Recessional song numbers 3 to 5, if not sung as the entrance song, can very well serve as Recessional songs: Let Heaven Rejoice
4. My Heart’s Thanksgiving
5. Sing to the Mountains
6. Wait for the Lord (Taize) 
7. Magnificat