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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Song Suggestions for Dec 15 PM & Dec 16 AM (Day 1 of Simbang Gabi)

Dec 15 PM & Dec 16 AM (Day 1 of Simbang Gabi)
By: JR Medina and Brian Gangca

1R: Isaiah advises us to act justly, for God’s salvation would soon be seen. Blessed is the person who keeps holy the Day of the Lord and stays away from evil. The Gentiles must not lose hope, for God warmly welcomes them, and actually wants more of them to come. 

RP: 66 “Nawa’y magpuri sa Iyo ang lahat ng mga tao.” Please note that the most important word here is surprisingly, “lahat.”

G: John the Evangelist writes that John the Baptist’s witness i.e., words/talk/prophesies cannot be underestimated. But the witness of Jesus is not just talk/words, not just action/walk, i.e., He will actually suffer and die. Not that proof is needed, but this is a sign that indeed the Father sent Jesus for a divine mission.

Important Ideas: 
1. The Universality of Salvation, 
2. a. Gentiles’ efforts to be saved will not be ignored by God: very parallel to John the Evangelist’s efforts for people’s salvation: 
b. God appreciates them, ie., all efforts to work for the kingdom. 
3. The Coming One’s love for us—that He laid down His life for us—is a sign that He indeed is the One we humans have waited for millennia, the One who was prophesied by the prophets. His very suffering and death shall testify to that.


  1. Pagmata Na
  2. Pagpangatagak na Yamog
  3. Simbang Gabi (Lucio San Pedro)
  4. Bayan Magsiawit na! (Arnel Aquino SJ) (“...Bagyan, pinagpala ka! Dakilang biyayang pangako Niya, sisilay na!”...) rather than sumilay na.
  5. Isang Pananampalataya (Avelino Santos & Eddie Hontiveros SJ) (“Angkinin nating lahat”)
  6. Magpuri sa Panginoon (Eddie Hontiveros) (“...lahat ng santinakpan...”) 
  7. Sa Hapag ng Panginoon (Lui Morano & Manoling Francisco SJ) (“...buong bayan...”) basta song that welcomes and includes everyone. Look for songs with the words lahat, santinakpan, etc.
  8. All the Ends of the earth (Bob Dufford SJ),
  9. Let Heaven Rejoice (Bob Dufford SJ)
  10. Lover of us all (Dan Schutte)
  11. Meadows and Mountains (Dan Schutte)
  12. Praise God, (Bob Dufford SJ/John Foley SJ) Prioritize Stanza 2: “The heavens declare it: the glory of God upon the earth, to people of ev’ry race and nation.”)
  13. Sing to the Mountains (Bob Dufford)
  14. Sing O Sing (Dan Schutte)
    (Basta song na nagsasabi na ang lahat ay kikilos for the kingdom “all the earth, community-hood, universality etc.”)



  1. Gasa sa Gugma (Koro Viannista) good choice
  2. Daygon Ikaw, Ginoong Dios
  3. Gasa Namo Kanimo
  4. Ang Tanging Alay Ko. “Aking hinihintay ang ‘Yong pagdarating, Jesus” rather than “pagbabalik, Jesus.” 
  5. Unang Alay (Rey Magnaye): Suggest ko sing instead, “Ngayo’y umaasa, naghihintay sa ‘Yo.” Now if your choir sings the Koda, you deliver one solid message if you sing: “Ngayo’y nananalig (umaawit), dumudulog (sumasamba), umaasa (naghihintay) sa ‘Yo.”
  6. One Bread, One Body (John Foley SJ) (sobrang swak)

1.      Ginoo, Sayud Ka sa Tanan (Ad-7)
2.      Panahon Na
  1. Adlaw’g Gabii
  2. Panginoon masdan Mo (Danny Isidro SJ/Nemy Que SJ) 
  3. Halina o Hesus (Danny Isidro SJ/Nemy Que SJ) 
  4. Panginoon hanggang kailan? (Danny Isidro SJ/Fruto Ramirez SJ)
  5. Patience People (John Foley SJ) 
  6. The Face of God (Manoling Francisco SJ)
  7. The King of Glory (WF Jabusch) Prioritize Stanza 3 "He gave His life for us, the pledge of salvation. He took upon Himself the sins of the nation." Sobrang swak sa G.

  1. Umanhi ka Mesiyas
  2. Halina Hesus aming mananakop (Danny Isidro SJ/Nemy Que SJ)
  3. A Time Will Come for Singing (Dan Schutte)
  4. Wait for the Lord (Taize)

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