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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Song Suggestions for Dec 18 PM & Dec 19 AM (Day 4 of Simbang Gabi)

Dec 18 PM & Dec 19 AM (Day 4 of Simbang Gabi)
By: JR Medina and Brian Gangca

1R: Judges 13:2-7, 24-25 The Birth of Samson. The story is about Samson’s birth. Samson was from the womb of her mother a nazirite, a man dedicated to God. He is one of the judges of Israel, that is one of its superheroes, through whom God will save his people. This is not the case similar to the virgin birth of Mary, since, the story teller tells us that the wife was barren. The case is similar to that of the mother of John the Baptist. In fact, the reading from Luke with which this selection of the Judges is coordinated for the Simbang Gabi, is about the conception of the Baptist.

RP: 70 

G: Lk 1:5-25 The Annunciation to Zechariah: The beginning of Luke’s infancy narratives is the annunciation to Zechariah, and is an integral element in his comparison between John the Baptist and Jesus. The concern is to show that from birth, it was John’s role to point to the coming Messiah, Jesus. As in the case of Manoah’s wife, the Baptist’s mother was barren. There is an added difficulty in Luke: she was, like Zechariah, already advanced in age. The skepticism of Zechariah made him mute. He will not be able to speak until the birth of the Baptist.

Important Ideas: Plurality of Salvation, the plan of salvation is of old, kin, God’s wonderful might, i.e., victory over sin, God fulfills His promises 


  1. Umanhi Ka, Ayaw Paglangan
  2. Adlaw’g Gabii

  1. Dawata Kining Kamot Ko
  2. Gasa sa Gugma

  1. Sa Atong Pagpuyo ( F7)
  2. Umanhi Ka Mesiyas
  3. Bilihong Gasa

  1. Andama ang Dalan
  2. Tan-awa ang Imong Katawhan
  3. Umanhi Ka Mesiyas (if not used in Communion)


E: Friendly Options:

1. Halina, Hesus (Javellana & Hontiveros) “Sa simula isinaloob Mo, O Diyos, kaligtasan ng tao.” 
2. Bayan Magsiawit na! (Arnel Aquino SJ) (“...Bagyan, pinagpala ka! Dakilang biyayang pangako Niya, sisilay na!”...) rather than sumilay na.
3. Bayan, umawit (Borres, Baltazar, Francisco). “sapagkat ngayon kayo’y pinili” rather than ika’y pinili. Doing so produces a line more faithful to and reminiscent of the plenty characters in both 1R and G. "Ika'y pinili" though, could be used, if you want to emphasize 1R only. In that case, only Judah, not necessarily his race, might be recalled to mind.
4. Ang Puso ko'y nagpupuri. (Hontiveros) Prioritize Stanza 3: "At sa lahat ng salinlahi ang awa N'ya'y walang hanggan" is a good teaser to JC's ancestral lineage.
5. Pagmamahal sa Panginoon (Hontiveros) "ating...tanang mga tao...atin")

Mayroong Papuri. Mayroong Aleluya.

P of the G: 
1. Pag-aalay (Manoling Francisco, SJ). From Stanza 1, go straight to Stanza 3. “Lahat ng aming mahal sa buhay...” This calls to mind family and kin. 
2. Unang Alay (Rey Magnaye): Suggest ko sing instead, “Ngayo’y umaasa, naghihintay sa ‘Yo.” Now if your choir sings the Koda, you deliver one solid message if you sing: “Ngayo’y nananalig (umaawit), dumudulog (sumasamba), umaasa (naghihintay) sa ‘Yo.”

C: Choose among:

1. Panginoon masdan Mo (Danny Isidro SJ/Nemy Que SJ) 
2. Pag-ibig Ko (Cenzon) Very applicable to the sinful condition of some of Jesus’ ancestors. (Despite such a condition, the Son of God comes from them.) “Ako’y kapiling mo kahit ikaw pa ma’y mapalayo.”
But u know what, let’s make this song more apt: 
Stanza 1: Hindi n’yo kailangang magbago, kahit ito’y mas ibig Ko. Hindi n'yo kailangang magsikap nang husto, upang kayo’y ibigin Ko.
Koro: Iniibig kayo, manalig na sana; Ako’y kapiling n’yo, kahit kayo pa ma’y mapalayo.
Stanza 2, in my opinion, is better left unsung on this occasion, dahel mas akma siya kapag kumpisalang bayan. Cguro just repeat Stanza 1. 
3. Panginoon hanggang kailan? (Danny Isidro SJ/Fruto Ramirez SJ)
4. Sino kayo (Javellana-Que) "Sino kayong napabilang sa Kanyang kapisanan" could be interpreted as Jesus’ kin.
5. Likhain Mong Muli (Albert Alejo SJ & Manoling Francisco SJ) "Ilikha Mo kami ng 'sang bagong puso, hugasan ang kamay na basa sa dugo" could very likely be the prayer of Jesus' ancestors.

1. Kung hindi gagamiten ang E1 and E2 as entrance songs, either can very well serve as appropriate recessional songs.
2. Bayan ng Diyos (Arnel Aquino SJ) is the perfect recessional song for this occasion.


E: Friendly Options:

1. Come with praise: yung kay Tito Dan (Schutte)
2. Lover of us all (Dan Schutte)
3. Save us, O Lord: yung kay Tito Bob D
Tip: look for songs na pang-maramihan: we, us, kami, tayo. Try to avoid songs na singular: ako, I, me, myself.

Gloria is sung. Alleluia is sung. 

P of the G: 

1. Earthen Vessels (John Foley SJ)
2. Prayer of Rupert Mayer (Manoling Francisco’s)
3. Take our Bread (Joseph Wise)
4. To be Your Bread (kay Tito David H) Stanza 1’s “with our lives as they are” is sobrang swak sa G.

C: Pwedeng pagpilian:

1. Love is the Answer (Raymond Hannisian). Prioritize Stanza 2.
Kasi kung stanza 1 ang kakantahen, I’d advise mas bagay yung song kung yung mga “I” ay gagawing “we”, tsaka yung “my” to “our”.
Pero yung stanza 2, onti lang ang babaguhen, okay na okay na: Though we came by diff’rent roads, now we walk together. Stay beside us all our days, strangers never more. Through the cool of summer rains, by the hearthside fire, I’ll be with you when nothing remains, I am home to stay.
2. My fave advent song The Face of God (Manoling Francisco SJ)
3. So the Love of God (Dan Schutte)
4. Without seeing You. This is a song not only of Doubting Thomas. This could very well be the song of Jesus’ ancestors.
5. You are mine. This could very well be God’s song for Jesus’ ancestors.

1. The King of Glory (WF Jabusch) Stanza 1’s “the Promised of ages” is an implied reminder to the 14 x 3 (do the math ha) generations. So is the King of Glory (Judah's tribe is acknowledged as the royal tribe).
2. Wait for the Lord (Taize)

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