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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Suggested Line-up of Songs for January 22, 2012 Mass

Sunday, January 22, 2012
3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Heto na po ang mga suhestiyong kanta para sa ngayong linggo … J

1.      Kon Magkatigum Ta
2.      Pag-inambitay
3.      Pag-aalaala (Francisco) “pagliligtas niya sa atin”
4.      Halina, Lumapit sa Akin (Isidro, Que)
5.      Sing to the mountains (Dufford)
6.      City of God (Schutte)

1.      O Ginoo, Kaloy-I Kami (Set 4)
2.      Ginoo, Kaloy-I Kami (Neniel)
3.      Maawa Ka (Francisco-Reyes)
4.      Panginoon, Maawa Ka (Cayabyab)
5.      As we Prepare
6.      Lord, Have Mercy (Francisco-Reyes)

1.      Himaya sa Dios (Nars Fernandez)
2.      Himaya sa Dios III
3.      Luwalhati sa Dios (Sengson)
4.      Papuri sa Dios (Francisco-Reyes-Torres)
5.      Give Glory to God
6.      Glory to God (Francisco-Agatep)

First Reading:
Jon 3:1-10 Jonah’s preaching
God told Jonah that He will soon destroy the great city of Nineveh. The people of Nineveh repented for their evil ways, and God did not carry out the destruction that He had threatened upon them.

Responsorial Psalm:
Psalm 25:4-9
Teach me Your ways, O Lord. 

Second Reading:
1 Cor 7:29-31
Time is short
Time is running out. The order of this world is vanishing.

Gospel Acclamation:
1.      Pangitaa ang Gingharian
2.      Alleluia Himoa Kami nga Dalan
3.      Alleluia 17
4.      Sing Alleluia (Marcelo)

Mk 1:14-20
Time of Fulfillment
This is the account where Jesus calls His first disciples: Simon Peter, Andrew, James, John. 

Reflection for the Readings:
The Bible is made up of many kinds of literature – we have songs, love poetry, myths, tales, histories, chronologies, and even comedies.  It may not seem so to us, but we need to realize that our first reading today was very funny to the Hebrews. I will try to explain why this is so.
In the story of Jonah, of which we get only a minuscule portion here,  God asked Jonah to be a prophet – he called him. But Jonah, knowing what horrors many of the prophets went through, told God ‘no – he didn’t want to’. God was adamant, though and kept asking him.  So Jonah decided to run from God.  God wanted him to go east – Jonah thought he would go west. He took off. But on his journey he was swallowed by a big fish, and when he was spit out, he found himself exactly where God wanted him to go – in the east, – so Jonah finally he gave in. God wanted him to go to the great city of Ninevah – we are told it was huge, so huge it even took three days to cross it.  He was to tell the people of Nineveh much the same message that all prophets told – God says to reform yourself and repent – or you will be destroyed. Jonah was desperate – he knew that he would be preaching to the wind, that they, the Ninevites, wouldn’t listen. How many stories had he read with the same plot – the prophet warns the city, the city doesn’t listen and the city is destroyed?  But he does it anyway; he goes out through the city and warns the people to repent. Except, totally out of the blue, they do repent, and he is flabbergasted. They actually listen to him.  He is amazed, but also disappointed. It actually saddens Jonah because any self-respecting prophet would know that God should have destroyed them.  They weren’t supposed to listen to him! Who do they think they were?  But God does not destroy the city. Happy ending. Comedy.
In our second reading Jesus is also at the beginning of his career, immediately after John the Baptist is silenced, and continues the work of the Baptist and tells his listeners to repent. “This is the time of fulfillment. The kingdom of God is at hand. Repent and believe in the good news.”
A few minutes on the words “Repent and believe in the good news.”  I am not sure we all remember what repent means. I know it is a little different from what I had originally thought it meant.  To repent means to ‘change one’s mind’, to open it up, to turn it around.  I always thought it just meant to be sorry for sin, but that is not the original Greek meaning.  We are to turn back, change our mind and believe in the good news.  Again, the original meaning is important.  It doesn’t mean to believe in the Holy Scriptures, the Gospels, as it is sometimes translated. No, it means to change your mind and trust in the good news that Jesus is bringing, and the good news that is Jesus himself.
Too long in the Catholic church and in many fundamentalist churches the good news has really been the bad news.  People were leaving church guilty, feeling bad, fearful for their souls and wondering if they would ever get to heaven. So many rules, so many things to avoid.  But that isn’t what the good news is about. The good news is that Jesus has come, God himself has come to earth, and by his life and death has made it possible for us to experience heaven in the future and even a little bit of heaven right now. We have already been redeemed. Jesus has already died for our sins. It has already happened and that is the good news! Over the time I have been with you, this has been a constant theme in my preaching, because I believe it to be so true and so important.  My job as pastor is to bring you the good news. And your job, according to Jesus is to open your minds, change your minds, turn back and come to trust and believe in his message that He is good news. Simple, right! I’m not so sure.
The last part of the Gospel reading is about the calling of the Apostles. Until  Ash Wednesday, the Gospel we read will be Mark’s. It is the first Gospel to have been written.  Mark’s Gospel is the shortest, most succinct, and contains the most human portrait of Jesus. In this Gospel, as in no other, we see the humanity of Jesus as he expresses compassion, strong anger, surprise, deep sighs, indignation and even ignorance of when history will end. But his powerful and mysterious presence always create wonder and make us question along with the people he meets: Who is this man!
Today’s reading is Mark’s introduction of Jesus.  Mark’s Gospel is so short; it has no birth narrative. Jesus arrives after John has been arrested, he proclaims the good news of God: that this is a privileged time, when God’s care for his people is almost here. He then calls them to a change of heart, take a new look at what they are doing, and trust in his good news.
But Jesus is not a solitary prophet like Jonah in the first reading. He wants company – companions; he knows he will need to be encouraged and supported, and so he enters the lives of four people with the simple command: “Follow me”. He calls ordinary people, people who in Mark never quite get it. They are almost always clueless. But, they do drop everything and follow him in any case. They become disciples.  And what does that word “disciple” mean? It means being with, accompanying Jesus, and doing the things of Jesus. There is a lesson here for all of us, too. If Jesus needed a community to support him, how much more do we need our community of St. Andrew’s to support us. It is not easy having Christian values in our society today.  Seeing our fellow parishioners as role models who share our values can be instrumental to helping us live out our own faith as well.
As I took on my calling to be the pastor to this parish three years ago today, those were the two things I hoped to bring to you. In the Eucharist I can bring Jesus to you in a very special way, and I hope in my actions as well, that you will see Jesus. Secondly, I have asked you to repent, to look at your lives and to do the things of Jesus – for as Jesus himself said – “You are my disciples!” I intend to keep bringing you the ‘good’ news and I will try my best not to be like Jonah and run, but to be here and serve you in the best way I can. As we begin another church year together, I hope you will take the time to reflect on what you have been called to, not to run away from it, like Jonah, but to embrace it, and to grow in your awareness of how you can participate in bringing the reality of the kingdom of heaven to this parish, this community and this world.
And this is definitely the good news I bring to you today
1.      O Dios, Dawata (Koro Viannista)
2.      Uban ning Pan ug Bino (Cubillas)
3.      Panalangin sa Pagiging Bukas Palad (Arboleda, Francisco)
4.      Pag-aalay ng Puso (Nero, Que) “minsan lamang”
5.      Prayer for Generosity (Arboleda) “Teach me”
6.      One Bread, One Body (Foley)

1.      Santos (Pastorela)
2.      Santos V (Villanueva)
3.      Santo, Santo, Santo (Que)
4.      Santo, Santo, Santo (Francisco)
5.      Holy, Holy, Holy (Benitez)
6.      Holy, Holy, Holy (Dufford-Schutte)

1.      Si Kristo (Chord of Am)
2.      Si Kristo (Chord of E)
3.      Si Kristo’y Namatay (Hontiveros)
4.      Si Kristo ay Namatay (Dying)
5.      Memorial Acclamation (Marcelo-Fenomeno)
6.      When We Eat this Bread

1.      Amen
2.      Dakilang Amen
3.      Amen (World Youth Day ’95)
4.      Amen Alleluia (Bayogos)

Pater Noster:
1.      Amahan Namo I (Set 1) chord of D
2.      Ama Namin (Marcelo)
3.      Aman Namin (Hontiveros 1)
4.      Our Father (Alipio)

1.      Kay Imo Man
2.      Sapagkat
3.      For Thine (Mallote)

Agnus Dei:
1.      Kordero sa Dios IV (Chord of Dm-Bb)
2.      Agnus Dei (R. Villanueva Mass 8)
3.      Kordero ng Diyos (Cayabyab)
4.      Kordero ng Diyos (Que)
5.      Lamb of God (Folk)

1.      Kini Maong Akong Lawas
2.      Kalig-on sa Pagtoo
3.      Natawag ko na Ikaw
4.      Ang Tawo niining kalibutan
5.      O Hesus, Hilumin Mo (Francisco)
6.      Pananatili (Miranda)
7.      Huwag Mangamba (Francisco)
8.      Hiram sa Dios (swak sa 2R)
9.      Panunumpa (Gonzales). This is not a song exclusively for weddings. This could be for holy orders, basta when the apostles are involved.
10.  God of Silence (Francisco)
11.  Lead Me Lord (De Pano)
12.  Teach My Heart
13.  Here I am Lord (Schutte)

1.      Ang Atong Tulubagon
2.      Kinsa?
3.      Humayo’t Ihayag (Francisco-Catalan-Go)
4.      Magpasalamat kayo sa Panginoon (Ramirez) Prioritize Stanza 2. 
5.      Life Forevermore (Ellerton, Francisco)
6.      I Will Sing forever (Francisco) “A song of forgiveness” is so 1R.
7.      Pilgrim’s Theme (Go, Francisco)

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