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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Suggested Songs for February 24, 2013 Mass

February 24, 2013
2nd Sunday of Lent

“Our Citizenship is in Heaven”

Ako po’y humihingi ng pasensya about last week na hindi ako nakapagpost. Talagang pinilit kong gumawa pero talagang hindi na kinaya ng katawan ko sa sobrang dami ng trabaho at activity sa school pati na rin sa raket mabuhay lang.

1.      Tun-I Kami Ginoo
2.      Dios namo sa Kalooy
3.      Pasaylo Ginoo
4.      Buksan ang aming puso (Tinio & Hontiveros)
5.      Save Us O, Lord (Dufford)

First Reading                  GN 15:5-12, 17-18
The Lord God took Abram outside and said,
“Look up at the sky and count the stars, if you can.
Just so,” he added, “shall your descendants be.”
Abram put his faith in the LORD,
who credited it to him as an act of righteousness.

He then said to him,
“I am the LORD who brought you from Ur of the Chaldeans
to give you this land as a possession.”
“O Lord GOD,” he asked,
“how am I to know that I shall possess it?”
He answered him,
“Bring me a three-year-old heifer, a three-year-old she-goat,
a three-year-old ram, a turtledove, and a young pigeon.”
Abram brought him all these, split them in two,
and placed each half opposite the other;
but the birds he did not cut up.
Birds of prey swooped down on the carcasses,
but Abram stayed with them.
As the sun was about to set, a trance fell upon Abram,
and a deep, terrifying darkness enveloped him.

When the sun had set and it was dark,
there appeared a smoking fire pot and a flaming torch,
which passed between those pieces.
It was on that occasion that the LORD made a covenant with Abram,
saying: “To your descendants I give this land,
from the Wadi of Egypt to the Great River, the Euphrates.”
Responsorial Psalm                     PS 27:1, 7-8, 8-9, 13-14
R. (1a) The Lord is my light and my salvation.
The LORD is my light and my salvation;
whom should I fear?
The LORD is my life’s refuge;
of whom should I be afraid?
The Lord is my light and my salvation.
Hear, O LORD, the sound of my call;
have pity on me, and answer me.
Of you my heart speaks; you my glance seeks.
The Lord is my light and my salvation.
Your presence, O LORD, I seek.
Hide not your face from me;
do not in anger repel your servant.
You are my helper: cast me not off.
The Lord is my light and my salvation.
I believe that I shall see the bounty of the LORD
in the land of the living.
Wait for the LORD with courage;
be stouthearted, and wait for the LORD.
The Lord is my light and my salvation.

Second Reading                        PHIL 3:17—4:1
Join with others in being imitators of me, brothers and sisters,
and observe those who thus conduct themselves
according to the model you have in us.
For many, as I have often told you
and now tell you even in tears,
conduct themselves as enemies of the cross of Christ.
Their end is destruction.
Their God is their stomach;
their glory is in their “shame.”
Their minds are occupied with earthly things.
But our citizenship is in heaven,
and from it we also await a savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.
He will change our lowly body
to conform with his glorified body
by the power that enables him also
to bring all things into subjection to himself.

Therefore, my brothers and sisters,
whom I love and long for, my joy and crown,
in this way stand firm in the Lord.

Or                             PHIL 3:20—4:1

Brothers and sisters:
Our citizenship is in heaven,
and from it we also await a savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.
He will change our lowly body
to conform with his glorified body
by the power that enables him also
to bring all things into subjection to himself.

Therefore, my brothers and sisters,
whom I love and long for, my joy and crown,
in this way stand firm in the Lord, beloved.
Gospel                         LK 9:28B-36
Jesus took Peter, John, and James
and went up the mountain to pray.
While he was praying his face changed in appearance
and his clothing became dazzling white.
And behold, two men were conversing with him, Moses and Elijah,
who appeared in glory and spoke of his exodus
that he was going to accomplish in Jerusalem.
Peter and his companions had been overcome by sleep,
but becoming fully awake,
they saw his glory and the two men standing with him.
As they were about to part from him, Peter said to Jesus,
“Master, it is good that we are here;
let us make three tents,
one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah.”
But he did not know what he was saying.
While he was still speaking,
a cloud came and cast a shadow over them,
and they became frightened when they entered the cloud.
Then from the cloud came a voice that said,
“This is my chosen Son; listen to him.”
After the voice had spoken, Jesus was found alone.
They fell silent and did not at that time
tell anyone what they had seen.

Homily/Reflection of the Readings
My brothers and sisters in Christ, as we enter the Second Week of Lent, in the tradition of the Catholic Church, we are called to continue to examine our hearts and to repent of any sins that may offend our Lord Jesus. This examination of conscience is to prepare us for the glorious Resurrection of Christ that will be celebrated on Easter Sunday immediately after the completion of the Lenten Season.

This Sunday, to elevate our minds towards a higher level of spiritual holiness so we may possess a greater perception of how offensive sin is to God, we are reminded that our citizenship is in Heaven. In this process, while discovering the merits that we have freely received by the grace of God through Jesus Christ, our hearts are impelled to show appreciation to the Heavenly Father in thanksgiving.

During today's First Reading from the Book of Genesis, we heard that because Abram believed in the promise of the Lord that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars of heaven, the Lord "reckoned it to him as righteousness." [Gen. 15:6; Rom. 4:3] As the living faith of Abram was reckoned to him as righteousness, the living faith of many others in those days was reckoned to them as righteousness.

"By faith Abel offered to God a more acceptable sacrifice than Cain's. Through this he received approval as righteous, God himself giving approval to his gifts." [Heb. 11:4] "By faith Enoch was taken so that he did not experience death... For it was attested before he was taken away that 'he had pleased God.'" [Heb. 11:5; Gen. 5:21-4] "By faith Noah, warned by God about events as yet unseen, respected the warning and built an ark to save his household; by this he condemned the world and became an heir to the righteousness that is in accordance with faith." [Heb. 11:7] And the same reckoning of God was found in many others in the days of the Old Testament. In complete obedience to the Lord God, such echoing living faith, Isaac, [Heb. 11:20] Jacob, [Heb. 11:21] Joseph, [Heb. 11:22] Moses, [Heb. 11:23] and Rahab [Heb. 11:31] were all made righteous.

"Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen." [Heb. 11:1] Indeed, by faith many of those who lived in the days of the Old Testament have received approval. 

During today's Second Reading from the Letter to the Philippians, we heard St. Paul teach "that our citizenship is in Heaven." [Phil. 3:20] Why is it that while we are in this world, we do not belong to this world? It is because Christ died for us so that we may be made righteous through Him. Through His death on the Cross as the sacrificial Lamb, we qualify to inherit the salvation that awaits all those who persevere in their living faith.

Since Christ died for us, we are indebted to Him for the gifts of righteousness, salvation and eternal life in the Kingdom of God. We are indebted to Christ for what awaits us after the last trumpet. At that moment, in the twinkle of an eye, we will all be changed [1 Cor. 15:52-3] in the image of Christ. [1 Cor. 15:49] Our perishable bodies will put on imperishability, and our mortal bodies will put on immortability. [1 Cor. 15:54]

As "there is the glory (brightness) of the sun, the glory (brightness) of the moon, and the glory (brightness) of the stars, each differing from one another, so it is with the resurrection of the dead." [1 Cor. 15:41-2] Jesus will transform our present limited bodies of humiliation into glorious bodies. [1 Cor. 15:43] Those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the sky. [Dan. 12:3] Those who lead many to righteousness shall shine like the stars forever and ever. [Dan. 12:3]

Let us reflect upon those biblical words for a moment. Let us reflect upon the glory that our loving Heavenly Father has prepared for each and everyone of us through Jesus Christ. What reward awaits you and I according to our good works? Will one or more of us in this parish shine as bright as the most brilliant star in the sky? I pray that the Lord God will bless all of us with such a reward.

To receive that glorious reward, we must persevere in our obedience to the commandments of God and of the Church. We must submit ourselves in obedience to the Church authorities. We must serve our Christian brothers and sisters in humility. Everyday of our lives, we must make sacrifices, always giving thanks to God for everything that He has given us.

Can we compare the sacrifices that we must make in this earthly life to the eternal rewards that awaits us all? No! There is no comparison. For our earthly lives are as a second of the eternal existence that God has prepared for us? If our earthly lives are as a mere second, then what are our sacrifices? Are they not only a small fraction of a mere second? My brothers and sisters, truly, the Lord God asks so little of us, and yet, He gives us so much in return.

During today's Gospel Reading, we heard that Jesus went up the mountain to pray with three Apostles, Peter, John and James. While they were on the mountain, the appearance of the face of Jesus changed and His clothing became dazzling white. Then, Moses and Elijah appeared and started talking to Jesus.

As we heard, that event did not pass unnoticed. Peter and the other two disciples witnessed the glory of the Lord Jesus. They witnessed, as far as it is humanly possible to see with the human eyes, the brilliance that comes with the transforming glory that awaits those who will be changed in the image of Jesus Christ. 

My brothers and sisters in Christ, we do not belong to this world. Our citizenship is in Heaven. How long can we continue to be double-minded? [Jas. 1:8, 4:8] One moment, embracing a spiritual mind, we want to die and go to Heaven; the next moment, embracing a worldly mind, we do not want to die and we desire all the pleasures of the world. How patient the Lord has been with us who are so unstable in our ways.

Knowing that our citizenship is in Heaven, our present goal in life should be to prepare ourselves for what awaits us. By the power of the Holy Spirit, our preparation should consist of embracing holy virtues that will benefit us for eternity.

Should we not be shining in love towards all men versus closing our eyes to the wars, the division and the hatred that goes on in this world? Should we not be showing charity towards the poor versus accumulating an over-abundance of wealth that will be left behind when we depart from this world? Should we not be sharing the good news with all those with who we come in contact instead of being indifferent to our faith?

There is so much that we can do, (pause) if we are willing, to accumulate credits that will be applied towards our Heavenly reward. What are a few moments of our time here and there in comparison to what awaits us? What are a few weekly sacrifices in comparison to the blessings that we will receive as Heavenly citizens?

My brothers and sisters, the eternal rewards that shall be bestowed upon each and everyone of us shall be according to what we truly deserve. For the Lord Jesus is just in all His ways!

This week, let us reflect upon our citizenship in Heaven. Let us assess what is forthcoming based on what we have earned until now in our lives. Let us assess if we qualify to shine as the brightest of the stars in the sky. And if necessary, let us correct ours ways so that we will be among those that the Lord God shall bless the most abundantly.

1.      Diyutay lang Kini
2.      Dios Nia Ko
3.      Daygon Ikaw Ginoong Dios, swak naman sa RP
4.      Aniang Among Halad, bagay then for the celebration the Transfiguration
5.      Isang Pagkain, Isang Katawan, Isang Bayan, (San Pedro) “May buhay na walang hanggan” is reminiscent of 2R and the last part of G. 
6.      Kung ‘Yong Nanaisin (Francisco)
7.      Earthen Vessels (Foley)
8.      Prayer of Rupert Meyer (Francisco)

1.      Kini Maong Akong Lawas
2.      Anino
3.      Way Sukod ang Pagmahal
4.      Ako ang Kahayag, swak sa RP
5.      Huwag kang mangamba (Pagsanghan & Francisco)
6.      Huwag mangamba (Francisco)
7.      Liwanag ng aming puso (Tagle & Hontiveros)
8.      Far Greater Love (Go & Francisco)
9.      Now we remain (Haas)

1.      Kinsa?, 
2.      Asin ug Kahayag
3.      Alay sa Kapwa (Esteban & Hontiveros)
4.      Sino’ng Makapaghihiwalay (Anunciata). This song was inspired by 2R.
5.      What You Hear in the Dark (Schutte)

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