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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Suggested Songs for February 2, 2014 Mass

Repost from JR Medina's Post at Bukas Palad Board

2 Feb 2014
Feast of the Presentation of the Lord


1R: Malachi 3:1-4. Malachi is the last book in the Old Testament, and this chapter describes the glorious coming of the Lord.

RP:24: 7,8,9,10 Who is this king of glory? It is the Lord.

2R: In Hebrews 2:14-18, Paul wrote that Jesus had to become like us humans.

G: The Evangelist Luke wrote about the Presentation of the Lord.

A short catechesis is in order para maintindihan ang pinagmumulan ng mga napiling kanta. That way, too, the readers are encouraged to analyze and critique the song line up suggestions, and in future occasions, can come up with their very own, too!

Important Ideas / Concepts (IC):
1. Forty days after being born, Jesus was brought by Joseph and Mary from Bethlehem to the temple in Jerusalem. That’s in order to fulfill God’s law, instructed to Moses and written in Exodus 13:1-2 “Italaga ninyo sa Akin ang mga panganay.” 40 days after birth kung lalaki yung panganay, and 80 days after birth kung babae naman.Symbolic yung February 2. If you count December 25 as Day 1, Dec 26 as Day 2, Dec 27 as Day 3, you'd reach February 1 as Day 39, and February 2 as Day Number 40.
2. The parents of the firstborn must offer, if they are rich, either (1) one lamb and one pigeon, or (2) one lamb and one turtledove. If they can’t afford it, like Joseph and Mary, they may offer (1) two pigeons or (2) two turtledoves. Such was the case of Joseph and Mary--other than the five shekels, as some Bible experts add. They (Joseph and Mary) were not exactly rich. Nevertheless, they were careful in the small details that were required by Moses' law, as fulfilling those small details constitutes the mark of a faithful Jew.
3. Jesus isn’t the only one involved here. Mary’s purification is, too. Again that’s in obedience to the law. The shedding and issuance of blood is considered unclean, and so Mary had to undergo purification. But of course Mary didn’t need purification. She was and is and will always be IMMACULATE. That deed of going to the Temple to be cleansed manifests Mary’s humility, docility, and obedience.
4. Candlemas or Candelaria is celebrated also on this date (February 2) because of the Biblical line in Luke 2:32: “Liwanag si Jesus na tanglaw sa mga Hentil.”
5. God promised Simeon the old man in the temple that Simeon won’t die without seeing the Savior.
6. Simeon represents old age. The baby Jesus represents youth. When Simeon takes Jesus in his arms, old age embraces youth.


1. Bayan Umawit (Borres, Baltazar, Francisco) “Pagkat sumpa N’yay laging iingatan” is reminiscent of IC No. 5
2. Pagbabasbas (Javellana, Arboleda, Francisco) is reminiscent of IC No. 1.
3. Ang Puso ko’y nagpupuri. IC No. 3 “Sapagkat nilingap Niya kababaan ng Kanyang alipin.”

P of the G: Daming pwedeng pagpilian
1. Ang Tanging Alay Ko. “Hindi makayanang makapagkaloob mamahaling hiyas ni gintong nilukob” is reminiscent of IC No. 2.
2. Narito Ako (San Andres) “at itatago sa sulok ng puso” is reminiscent of Mary pondering about the prophecy of Simeon about the child being the cause of the “rise and fall of many in Israel.” I think this is one of her seven sorrows.

1. Liwanag ng aming puso (Tagle & Hontiveros) IC No. 4
2. Liwanagan Mo, Jesus (Aquino) Same
3. Likhain Mong muli (Alejo & Francisco) Same
4. Awit ng Paghahangad. The lyrics could very well be interpreted as sung by Simeon himself.
5. Same with Huwag Mangamba (Francisco) “Simeon’s song”
6. Sa Dapit Hapon (Tabuena & Hontiveros) IC Nos. 5 & 6.
7. E3 if not used as E.

1. Bayan, Magsiawit na (Aquino) “Sa aba Niyang pagkatao” is swak sa 2R.
2. E3 if used neither as E nor C.

Sing C2 if in your parish your priest blesses candles.


1. Glory and Praise to our God “Like gold that’s tested in fire” is reminiscent of 1R.
2. Sing a new song (Schutte) “Glad my soul for I have seen the glory of the Lord.” Swak sa 1R.
3. The King of Glory (Jabusch) swak sa RP
4. Magnificat (Haas)
E only: Let the Valleys be raised

P of the G:
1. Earthen Vessels (Foley)
2. Dwelling Place (also Foley) “Glory of God)
3. Take our bread (Wise) Stanza 2's "We are poor, but we've brought ourselves the best we could" is so reminiscent of IC No. 2

1. One Little Candle. IC No. 4
2. Breath of God (Hatch & Francisco). Prioritize Stanzas 1 & 4.
3. Theme from the Cardinal. IC No. 5
Post-Communion Song: Dapat talaga staple na ito kapag February 2: Simeon’s Canticle of course. Use your choir's most hauntingly exquisite voices.
4. Magnificat if not used as E.
5. Jesus on the Cross (Go & Francisco) Lentish ito pero sobrang swak sa 2R.

Sing C1 if in your parish your priest blesses candles.

1 to 4. See E/R.

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