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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Suggested Songs for April 18, 2014 Good Friday


18 Apr, 2014 
Good Friday of the Lord’s Passion 

Liturgical color: Red 
Today is a day of fasting and abstinence. Don't use the organ. Don't ring bells.

This Good Friday Service may be interpreted as a "continuation" of the Holy Thursday Mass. It is integrally part of the "One Mass" during the three days of the Triduum. Kaya nga kakaiba ang ending ng Holy Thursday Mass at beginning ng Good Friday of the Lord's Passion, at kakaiba din ang ending ng Good Friday of the Lord's Passion, at beginning ng Easter Vigil. The Triduum Masses ay nag-vovolt in so to speak to form a One Prolonged Mass. 

The commentator may give a short introduction.

Walang entrance song. The priests/Mass servers enter in absolute silence. They prostrate in front of the altar, then stand up, then the priest reads the Opening Prayer/Collect. 

Walang Papuri/Glory to God/Gloria in Excelsis Deo.


The Readings are all the same no matter what year or cycle. 

R1: Isaiah 52:13-53:12: This is the long reading about the Lord saying that His Servant shall suffer much and be physically unrecognizable. Those sufferings should have been for us, but because of His great love for us, He bore them. Through Him we shall be forgiven. The pains would later be turned to glorious joy.

RP: 31 (English) “Father, into Your hands I commend my Spirit.”
30 (Filipino) “Ama, sa mga kamay Mo habilin Ko ang buhay Ko.

2R: Hebrews 4:14-16; 5:7-9 We should strengthen ourselves in the faith, for He became just like us humans.

Verse before the Gospel 

1. Papuri sa ‘Yo, O Kristo Hesus, Hari ng kaluwalhatiang walang hanggan!
2. Papuri at Parangal sa Iyo, Panginoong Hesukristo!
3. Luwalhati at Papuri sa Iyo, Panginoong Hesukristo!
4. Luwalhati sa Iyo, Salita ng Diyos, Panginoong Hesukristo!
And the verse/trope is: (in Pasyon tone) 
“Masunuring Kristo Jesus, naghain ng buhay sa Krus, kaya’t dinakila ng Diyos, binigyan ng Ngalang tampok sa langit at sansinukob.”

1. Praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ, king of endless glory!
2. Praise and honor to You, Lord Jesus Christ!
3. Glory and praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ!
4. Glory to You, O Word of God, Lord Jesus Christ!
And the verse/trope goes: “Christ became obedient for us even to death, dying on a cross. Therefore God raised Him on high and gave Him a name above all other names.”

G: John 18:1-19:42 Ito yung The Passion Gospel: mahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabang Gospel about the Arrest, Peter’s Three Denials, Jesus before Pilate, Jesus sentenced to be crucified, the Crucifixion of Jesus, His death, and burial. 

There’s the part where all kneel down: after "nalagot ang Kanyang hininga"

Orationes Sollemnes (Intercessions/intercessory prayers). Comparable ito sa prayers of the faithful. The priest introduces. The intentions are: 
1. for the Church
2. for the Pope
3. for priests and the faithful
4. for those preparing for baptism
5. for unity of all Christians
6. for Jews
7. for those who do not believe in Christ
8. for those who do not yet believe in God
9. for the government
10. for those with particular needs/special intentions

After each intention, we briefly kneel and pray.


A crucifix is ceremoniously unveiled. Improperia ang susunod dito.

Sing the invitation sa parteng ina-unveil yung cross 


1. Sa kahoy ng banal na Krus:

Kantahin din yung tugon (Purihin at ipagdangal). 

Thrice gagawin ito, habang paunti-unti ang pagtanggal ni father sa telang cover sa crucifix.

2. Purihin at ipagdangal ang ating Poong Maykapal: Ama ng Bukal na Buhay, Anak na siya nating Daan, Espiritung ating Tanglaw. 

In either case Kneel afterwards. Thrice din ito.


1. We Glory in Your Cross, O Lord... 

For by virtue of Your Cross....

Then a few moments of silence.

Then Kissing of the Cross na, individually if possible. Madalas napakadaming tao. Choir, divide yourself into groups, and have "assignments." Halimbawa, assigment ng isang group na kantahin ito. Ibang grupo naman yung susunod na kanta. Hindi kailangan yung lahat sabay-sabay kumakanta, para hindi maubusan ng boses, dahil meron pang Easter Vigil na talagang mauubos ang powers nyo. 

People may line up and kiss either the corpus or the wood doon sa crucifix. A hymn may be sung. The number of songs really depends on the volume of people.

1. Dakilang Pag-ibig (Pangilinan & Hontiveros) Priority ang Stanza 1.
2. Kalbaryo, Sagisag ng Lumbay (Aguila, Pajaro)
3. Krus na Banal (Reginio)
4. Kung ‘Yong nanaisin (Francisco)
5. Mga Hinanakit (Panganiban)
6. Mga Hinanakit (Parungao)
7. Mga Hinanakit (Reginio)
8. Naroon sa Rosas ang Mahal Niyang Dugo (Alejo, Hontiveros)
9. O Mapalad Krus na Banal (Panganiban) to the tune of Pange Lingua
10. Pagpaparangal sa Krus na Banal (Panganiban)
11. Tingnan ang tao sa krus (Alejo, Hontiveros) best choice.
12. Naroon sa Rosas ang Mahal N’yang Dugo (Plunkett, Alejo & Hontiveros)
13. Sa Lilim ng ‘Yong Krus (Diolanda, Pajaro)
14. Sugat ni Kristo

1. Behold the wood (Schutte) best choice.
2. Jesus on the Cross (Go & Francisco)
3. Jesus, Remember me (Berthier)
4. May God be Gracious and Bless Us
5. O Cross of Christ Immortal Tree
6. O Sacred Head Surrounded (Gerhardt, Passion Chorale, Hassler, Bach)
7. Sing, my Tongue the Savior’s Glory (Neale)
8. The Old Rugged Cross (Bennard)
9. We Worship You, Lord
10. Where True Love Abides (Hontiveros)

1. Adoramus Te, Christe / Tree of Life (Haugen)
2. Adoramus Te Christi (Bautista)
3. Crucem Tuam (Berthier)
4. Crux Fidelis (Parungao) Best choice.


Walang Santo/Holy/Sanctus.
Walang Consecration.
Walang Acclamation.
Walang sung Amen.
Merong Ama Namin/Our Father/Pater Noster. Plainly verbal, o kaya a cappella, in my opinion are better than sung. 
Merong final doxology (Sapagkat/For the Kingdom) Plainly verbal, o kaya a cappella, in my opinion are better than sung.
Walang Kordero ng Diyos/Lamb of God/Agnus Dei.

Communion: To be distributed are hosts consecrated yesterday. If your choir could sing any of these communion songs a cappella, that would be really good! 

1. Awit sa Mahal na Puso ni Hesus (Isidro, Que)
2. Dakilang Pag-ibig (Hontiveros) if not used at Veneration of the Cross
3. Hiram sa Diyos
4. Huwag kang mangamba (Pagsanhan & Francisco)
5. H’wag mangamba (Francisco)
6. Ito ang Aking Katawan (Isidro, Ramirez)
7. Kung ‘Yong Nanaisin (Francisco) if not used for Veneration of the Cross
8. Manatili ka (Francisco)
9. Nang Buo Kong Buhay (Alejo, Hontiveros)
10. Naroon sa Rosas ang Mahal N’yang Dugo (Plunkett, Alejo & Hontiveros) if not used for Veneration of the Cross 
11. O Diyos, iniibig Kita (Rodrigo, Hontiveros)
12. O Hesus, Hilumin Mo (Francisco)
13. Pag-alabin aming Puso (Francisco)
14. Pagkabighani (Alejo, Francisco)
15. Pagtitipan (Javellana, Hontiveros)
16. Intentionally don’t sing any communion song. Everyone receives Communion in silence. Walang magiging madaldal o maingay kung yung pari, o kaya yung commentator magaling ang explanation.

1. Anima Christi (Arboleda)
2. Now we remain (Haas)
3. O Dearest Lord, Thy Sacred Head
4. O Sacred Head, Now Wounded
5. O Sacred Head, Surrounded (Hasler)
6. On Eagle’s Wings (Joncas)
7. Only this I want (Schutte)
8. Where True Love Abides (Hontiveros)
9. Intentionally don’t sing any communion song. Everyone receives Holy Communion in silence. Walang magiging maingay kung si Father, o kaya yung commentator magaling mag-explain.

Prayer After Communion

If in your parish you sing during collections, prepare a song, dahel merong second collection, ang Terra Sancti. The collected funds are for the Church’s work in the Holy Land, particularly the Church in Jerusalem.

If your parish doesn't, after the distribution, silence is kept. Meron lang maikling presidential concluding prayer. Walang final blessing.

Walang recessional song. The priest, the ministers, and the people leave in absolute silence.

Please also note that some parishes move the Veneration of the Cross to the end of the Good Friday of the Lord’s Passion, para ang mga tao ay dumirecho mula kissing, patungo sa Grand Procession, para logistically madaming umattend nito. Kasi nga naman sa dami ng hahalik sa krus, baka mainip ang tao at umalis.


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