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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

31st Sunday in Ordinary Time (October 30, 2016) Year C

Sunday, October 30, 2016
31st Sunday in Ordinary Time

We are in Year C.
Liturgical Color: Green


1R: Wisdom 11:22-12:2 God sincerely wants man to be saved.

RP: 145 I will bless Your Name forever, O God my King.

2R: 2 Thessalonians 1:11-2:2. Peace of mind to all as we await the second coming of Jesus, because we shall be saved.

G: Luke 19:1-10 is about Zacchaeus the Tax Collector. Zacchaeus the little Publican climbed up a tree to be able to see Jesus. Jesus is pleased with him and blesses His household.

1. Today salvation has come to this house.
2. The Son of Man has come to seek and to save what was lost. 



1. Bayan, Magsiawit Na! (Aquino) “Sinauna Mong hangarin ang tao nga’y tubusin.” 
2. Magpasalamat Kayo sa Panginoon (Ramirez) Stanza 2 ang priority. “Na S’yang nagligtas sa Kanyang hinirang bayang Israel”
3. Pag-aalaala (Francisco) “Pagliligtas N’ya sa atin" is so salvation has come to this house.
4. Pagbubunyi (Borres, Francisco)
5. Sa Hapag ng Panginoon (Morano, Francisco) “Ang banal at makasalanan” is so reminiscent of Jesus being invited to a dinner with the sinner that is a Publican.

P of the G:

1. Sumasamo Kami (Judan)
2. Tinapay ng Buhay (Atienza, Borres, Francisco)
3. Unang Alay (Magnaye)


1. Ama Kong Mahal (Aquino)
2. Halina, Lumapit sa Akin (Isidro, Que) Medyo Lenten, though.
3. Likhain Mong Muli (Alejo, Francisco) Medyo Lenten, though.
4. Liwanag ng Aming Puso (Tagle, Hontiveros) “Sa ami’y Manahan Ka.”
5. Liwanagan Mo, Hesus (Aquino)
6. Maging Akin muli (Aquino) Priority ang stanza 2. “Di mo rin akalain tinig mo’y hanap ko rin” is so come to seek and save what is lost.
7. Manatili Ka (Francisco) Jesus offers rest to Zacchaeus restless heart, kaso medyo Lenten tong song na toh.
8. O Hesus, Hilumin Mo (Francisco) Medyo Lenten, pero it fits Zacchaeus’ restless heart.
9. Pag-ibig Ko (Cenzon) Stanza 2 ang priority. Very good choice.
10. Sa Diyos Lamang Mapapanatag (Isidro, Que)
11. Sa ‘Yong Piling (Castro, Villaroman)
12. Saan Kami Tutungo (Macalinao, Hontiveros) 


1. Ang Puso Ko’y Nagpupuri (Hontiveros) “Nagagalak ang aking espiritu sa ‘king Tagapagligtas.” 
2. O Bayan ng Diyos (Aquino) Stanza 5 ang priority.
3. E1 or E2 if not used as entrance song



1. All the Ends of the Earth (Dufford) Stanza 3 ang priority. “The Lord has made His salvation known” is so Today salvation has come.
2. Blest be the Lord (Schutte) “The God who saves. I shall not fear the dark”
3. City of God (Schutte)
4. Come With Praise (Schutte) Stanzas 2 and 3 ang priority.
5. Glory and Praise to Our God (Schutte) Stanza 2 ang priority. “Always ready to seek the lost” is reminiscent of The Son of Man has come to seek and save what was lost.
6. I Rejoiced (Foley)
7. Save Us, O Lord (Dufford)
8. Seek the Lord (O’Connor)
9. Sing to the Mountains (Dufford)
10. The Lord is My Light (Foley)

P of the G: 

1. Earthen Vessels (Foley) Stanza 2 ang priority. “He has chosen the lowly who are small in this world”
2. Take our Bread (Wise) Stanza 2 ang priority.
3. To Be Your Bread (Haas)


1. Be Not Afraid (Dufford) “I will give you rest.” sa refrain, and Stanza 3 ang priority. 
2. Come to Me (Francisco)
3. Come to Me All Who Are Weary (Schutte)
4. Empty Space (Go, Francisco). This is about rest for our restless hearts. Yun nga lang medyo Lenten toh.
5. God of Silence (Francisco) Swak sana pero medyo Lenten tong song na toh.
6. Here I Am, Lord (Schutte) 
7. Hosea (Norbet) Okay sana tong song, pero Lenten kasi eh. Lalo na meron pa siyang “You shall sleep secure with peace.” Suggestion: Prioritize Stanza 3.
8. How lovely is your dwelling place (Aquino) “Even the lowly sparrow finds a home the swallow, a nest for herself” is so Zacchaeus.
9. I Am the Bread of Life (Toolan)
10. I Hear My Name (Francisco)
11. I Love the Lord (Aquino)
12. I Seek You For I Thirst (Valdellon)
13. In Him Alone (Francisco)
14. Lead Me, Lord (De Pano) Stanza 3 ang priority.
15. Like a Shepherd (Dufford) Stanza 2 ang priority.
16. Love is the Answer (Hannisian)
17. One Thing I Ask (Tirol)
18. Out of Roads (Go, Aquino)
19. Shelter Me, O God (Hurd, Kingsbury)
20. So The Love of God (Schutte) This song is so reminiscent of For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save what was lost.
21. The Cry of the Poor (Foley)
22. The Presence of Jesus (Haas)
23. Theme from the Cardinal “I know I have sinned”
24. This Alone (Manion) Stanza 3 ang priority. “Hope in His mercy.” 
25. Turn to Me (Foley)
26. You are Mine (Haas)


1. C9 if not used as communion song
2. I Will Sing Forever (Francisco)
3. Life Forevermore (Ellerton)
4. Pilgrim’s Theme (Go, Francisco)
5. Though the Mountains May Fall (Schutte)
6. E1, E2, E3, E5, E7 if not used as entrance song


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