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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Line-Up for today

May 15, 2011 
4th Sunday of Easter, Good Shepherd Sunday, World Day of Prayer for Vocations

Liturgical color: White 

1R: The First Reading for this Mass would not come from the Old Testament, but from the Book of Acts of the Apostles in the New Testament—specifically Acts 2:14, 36-41. This is about Peter asking the community in Jerusalem to repent, and be baptized in the Name of JC, and they will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. 

RP: 23 The Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing I shall want. 

2R: Jesus Christ did no wrong, but accepted and endured suffering. By His wounds we are healed. We are like stray sheep who have come back to their shepherd. 

G: John 10:1-10, where Jesus says that He is the gate of the sheep. 

If you serve in a Mass na umuuntog sa Angelus/Regina Coeli (either before or after the Mass) examples: 5, 6 AM, 11 AM, 12 NN, 5 PM, 6 PM, try to work out an arrangement with the commentators and/or lectors and the choirs: Will the Regina Coeli be said or sung? If it will be sung, then sing for 

English: Hangad’s Queen of Heaven, Rejoice 

Filipino: Reyna ng Langit (Hontiveros): BP in Tinapay ng Buhay Album.

Filipino Mass: 

1. Magsiawit sa Panginoon (Isidro & Que) "Magsiawit kayo sa Panginoon; ALELUYA!"
2. Isang Pananampalataya (Santos & Hontiveros)
3. Pag-aalaala (Francisco)
4. Sa Hapag ng Panginoon (Morano & Francisco). This is reminiscent of the two disciples’ supper with JC.
5. Sa Piging ng Panginoon (Tabuena & Hontiveros) 
6. Bayan, Magsiawit na (Aquino) Prioritize Stanza 3. "Spiritung ating gabay" is so 1R and yet teaser to upcoming Pentecost.
7. Magpuri sa Panginoon (Hontiveros)

Of course mayroon ng Papuri and Aleluya. 

P of the G:
1. Sumasamo kami (Judan) 
2. Isang Pagkain, Isang Katawan, Isang Bayan (San Pedro)

1. Sa Krus Mo at Pagkabuhay (Francisco)
2. Si Kristo ay namatay
3. Si Kristo’y namatay (Hontiveros)

Amen: Dakilang Amen (Francisco)

1. Ang Panginoon ay aking Pastol (Isidro & Ramirez)
2. Manalig Ka (Perez)
3. Pagkabighani (Alejo & Francisco) Admittedly Lenten, pero sobrang swak sa 2R.
4. Sa Diyos Lamang Mapapanatag (Isidro & Que) Ang priority ay stanza 3. “Pastol kang nagmamahal sa kawan”
5. Tubig ng Buhay (Valdellon)
6. Panginoon ng Pag-ibig at Pag-asa. Emphasize Aleluya at finale.
7. Ang Mabuting Pastol (Hontiveros)
8. Patnubay (Cuyugkeng, Caguio, Sta. Maria, La Vina)

1. Humayo tayo (Pangilinan & Hontiveros)
2. Humayo’t Ihayag (Francisco, Catalan & Go). Emphasize "Aleluya" at finale.
3. Magpuri sa Panginoon (Hontiveros)
5. E1 if not used as entrance song
6. O Bayan ng Diyos (Aquino)
7. Sumigaw sa Galak (Que)
8. Almost any Marian song

English Mass:
1. Blest be the Lord (Schutte)
2. Let Heaven Rejoice (Dufford) Prioritize stanza 3, but change “will come” to “has come.” Stanza 4 is also recommended after Stanza 3, if the priest has yet to reach his place.
3. Play before the Lord (Dufford). Stanza 2 ang priority. "Offering Him our joyful hearts, joining in endless praise. Alleluia (4x) joining in endless praise."
4. Sing a new song (Schutte). Don’t forget to replace “Yahweh’s people” to “O God’s people.” "Singing Alleluia..." 

Mayroong Glory to God at Alleluia by now.

P of the G: 
1. Take our bread (Wise) 
2. To be your bread (Haas) 

Acclamation: Christ has died, alleluia! (Wise)

Amen: Doxology (Dufford)

Lamb of God/Agnus Dei: Lamb of God litany (Schutte) Refrain, then Stanza 4, then Refrain. Stanza 4 goes, “Praise to You, Risen Christ, clothe us in Your saving light.”

1. Here in this Place (Haas)
2. In my heart (Francisco)
3. Like a Shepherd (Dufford). Prioritize Stanzas 2 & 3
4. Pastorale (Francisco)
5. Valleys of Green (Schutte)
6. Without seeing you (Haas). Prioritize Stanza 3.

1. Before the Sun burned bright (Schutte). Emphasize Alleluia.
2. E1 if not used as entrance song
3. I will sing forever (Francisco) 
4. E3 if not used as entrance song
5. Pilgrim’s Them (Go & Francisco) dahel Vocation Sunday.
6. Almost any Marian song
7. Save us, O Lord. Lenten, pero "O Shepherd of Israel"

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